Trip Details


May 13-14, 2006


Travis, Dani, Fred, Diane, Mark

Attempted Route

Hog's Back     

Other Attempts

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Can you believe we picked this weekend, over six months ago?

Say perfect!

The Hood Sextet

Mark, Dian, Fred, Matt, Travis, Dani

Travis and I were a little slow in getting ready, so the Bellingham 4 started on without us.

The climbers trail along the eastward bound of the ski area, was kept in good shape by the snow cats.

"Looks like you could just walk right up there"
"How long have we been walking?"
Why are we carrying these big packs?
What?  All that and we're still in the ski area?
Fred was actually a lot happier than he looks.
A couple hours in and still a long way to go.
Ready... Set... Go!
Finally above the ski area, Trav and Fred take a detour on the way to camp.
Diane and Mark take a more direct approach.
Dani battles remnants of a rather long illness but keeps on at her own pace.
Travis and Fred still have way too much energy.
Nearly to camp.  Where'd you say that flat spot was?
Nice thing about snow... you can always make your own flat spot.
Who brought the hot water?
You just wait.
Time for some shut eye... too bad the sleep doesn't go with it.